Friday, 23 December 2016

The Health Program That Has Clinical Intelligence

Do you require a health and wellness platform that has clinical intelligence? And yes it’s possible.

Clinical Intelligence

The clinical intelligence that is integrated into the platform enables employees to know about their health condition and know the path they should follow to have a healthy life. If they have any chronic disease then they will know about that and also the path to treating that. The platform gives them the means to manage their disease so it does not worsen. This calculation is made from the employee’s aggregated health data and a treatment path is available so that they can benefit from the program. 

Incentive management

Once the employee starts following the steps according to the clinical intelligence guideline he will gain in health and will be eligible for having an incentive. This incentive is managed by this platform. These incentives make your employee join the programs and make them healthy. The incentive is differently categorized. They are activity based, outcome based and according to health points.

The activity based incentive will be earned when an employee participates or completes an activity that is related to health. If they participate they will earn a certain incentive and as they progress through the program and reach their final goal they become eligible for another incentive. The platform keeps a track of everything and lets you know when an employee becomes eligible for an incentive. It also makes a report as to the health standard that is achieved and what needs to be done to achieve the final goal.

There are programs that make the employee perform certain activities like quit smoking or eating fast food. When the employees participate in such program and achieve some specific goal then they are eligible for outcome based incentives. Those who are not able to achieve the goal will fell an urge to participate and reach the goal so that they can also earn incentives.

Members receive points when they complete certain health program. These points can be redeemed and benefit achieved. So, with the use of this health and wellness platform,you can motivate your employees to be part of the health program and be fit themselves and make others fit and healthy.

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