Friday, 30 December 2016

The Best Way to Provide Corporate Health

If you have a company it must be your endeavor to give proper health care and wellness to your employee. By using corporate wellness solutions you can give that to them. There are many aspects of this solution. Let us see some so that we can become acclimatized with it.

Integrated HRA and wellness score

This is a methodology by means of which employees will be able to learn about their current health condition. They have to complete the HRA and once it is complete they will be able to know what their recent health status is. Not only that they will be able to know how to overcome a health issue or improve their health condition. The report they will get lets them know in more detail about their health status.

They are given access to a user dashboard and by means of that they will be educated on various aspects of health:

• They will know about all the active programs

• Reporting regarding incentives which includes their spouse and children also.

• They will be made aware of the health goals they should have and what steps that need to be taken to achieve these goals.

• They sign in from one place and have access to all their wellness programs. No need to sign into different programs separately.

• They can even know and manage the health related issues of their spouse and children

All this can be done and coordinated by you. You do not need the help of others to do anything regarding the health program of your company. The platform itself helps you manage your programs. You can maintain a health education library, where your employees can go online and read about various health aspects. It has a unique feature which gives the user reminders about their fitness and communicates that to them. You can also make others aware of any program or incentive that you propose to introduce by means of flyers, posters or e-mails.

This nature of corporate wellness  is the ultimate solution that you can offer to your employees. They will be fit and fine and you will be benefited likewise. As the employees will be strong physically and mentally to work with a positive vibe running all along. This will help to increase efficiency and quality of work.

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