Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Create a Wellness Program Management Plan for your Employees

Health is the prime factor to live a happy life. If you are an employer, you must build a wellness program management plan for your employees. If you have already planned a wellness program for your employees a well-planned fitness program should be in place for them. This is not limited to setting up of a fitness center with a full-time fitness coach. Developing a fitness program and then implementing it requires careful planning. 

Wellness programs should be built in such a way that they will promote healthy lifestyles, improve overall heath and prevent the onset of disease. Such programs assess the health risks and provide preventive services that will encourage employee participation. This will help you keep your employees active during working hours and thus help them to remain healthy and happy. Because a sound mind lies in a healthy body.

Here are five best ways to create a wellness management program for your employees. 

Start with the support from top management.

Take help from your senior managers and ask them to lead and encourage other employees to take part in the program. It is often seen that if anyone receives moral support or encouragement from seniors they actually feel motivated. Employers with strong leadership skills can motivate their employees to get fit and be healthy.

Consider employees’ needs.

It is important to consider the needs of your employees. If you know their needs you can plan your program appropriately. Health plan data and health-risk appraisals can help assess employee’s needs. This will help you craft a competent wellness plan that addresses employee health requirements.

Plan the program.

Wellness programs should be based on the strategies, established goals and tactics. To create an effective wellness program, it is important to consider a few basics such as smoking cessation, health screenings and nutrition classes. To keep your employees motivated give them incentives such as gift cards or fitness classes. This will help them stay engaged in the wellness program for a long period.

Set up a communication plan.

While you choose to communicate with your employees through emails, postcards, videos or a blog post, make sure that your employees have a clear understanding of how the wellness program and its benefits work.

Cherish the community.

Explain the benefits and all the details of the program to keep your community or employees interested. Encourage them to interact with other people or employees and share their goals related to health through intramural groups and web forums.

Wellness program promotion is an investment in a business. It has been shown in Studies that employees perform well when they are in the best health. Some benefits of implementing wellness program management include:

• Attracts the most talented workers

• Reduces absenteeism

• Improves decision making, on-the-job time utilization, and productivity.

• Increases employee confidence

• Improves disease management and prevention.

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