Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Benefits That You Can Get From a Health And Wellness Platform

If you own a company then the biggest challenge that you may face is to deliver proper health to your employees and to reduce health costs. If you are facing this nature of a challenge then you are at the right place, if you continue reading you will learn about the benefits of  having a health and wellness platform for your company. 

Saving in health cost

If we look at the statistics then we can see that the health cost per person is $11.30. It would be nice if that could be reduced. Wouldn't it? Every dollar spent in chronic health care saves $3.78 in health care expenses. Employees who smokes cost the company $3.4 per year. Healthcare platforms give you the means to reduce this cost. They help you  identify chronic diseases in your employees and give you a means to reduce smoking amongst your employees. The programs let you organize health awareness camps and incentive for those who quit smoking. They keep  track of  health changes in your employee and give you the data you need to know what’s working By doing this it helps you provide better health to your employees and at the same time increases productivity and profit.

Saving on human resource

As employees get healthy they become attached to your company. They have in mind the benefits that they had from the programs that you implemented and want to stay in your company for further benefits. The program enhances the loyalty of your employee along with providing better health to them. You do not have to hire or recruit new employee as none of your older employees leave. You can understand your saving as you do not have to hire or recruit new ones. When others who are not in your company knows about the health programs that you have incorporated and the benefits that your employees are getting they will be more inclined to try to join your company. In this manner, these wellness programs give you access to top employees that are in the field.

Reduces absenteeism

As these health and wellness platforms make your employees fit and healthy they do not need to be absent from work due to bad health. They regularly come to work and you do not have to reallocate work due to absenteeism. Moreover, they come and  work efficiently and give you more productive hours.

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