Sunday, 15 January 2017

Significance of Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee health is more important than medical costs. Having a healthy workforce is more important for the growth of the company. Unhealthy lifestyle of employees often leads to many diseases that can reduce the productivity of business. That is why corporate wellness has become a hot topic today. There are different types of corporate wellness programs that encourage the workforce to live a healthy life and prevent the onset of any disease.

Today, when the health care cost is going up, it makes great sense to address the specific needs of employees and increase their participation in corporate wellness programs.

Here are some top reasons to develop corporate wellness programs

Onsite Wellness Program

Today, people are becoming more health conscious. Due to longer days and hours of work, stress, workload and constant multitasking, it is hard to make time for a wellness program. As the majority or employees spent time at their workplace, it is important to build an onsite wellness program for them.

Prevention is the Cure

As per CDC report, in total healthcare cost, chronic disease shares 75 percent of the cost. There are many types of chronic disease and most of them are preventable such as cancer, heart disease and obesity. To prevent such illness, it is important to take actionable steps in order to stop them from growing. It is hard to change unhealthy habits overnight. But when a person is determined emotionally, mentally, socially then progress can be made.  An employee wellness program should have reliable education for their employees.


When creating a wellness program for employees, make sure, it is not boring. It is important to create a dynamic and unique program that keeps on changing over the time. This ensures the success for the long term. Doing one thing all time is boring. It is important to stimulate and challenge the employees in different ways. Create a program based on the latest trends.

Fight with healthcare costs

The cost of healthcare keeps on rising. Employers with small companies cannot afford the rising cost of healthcare. Due to this, they are passing the healthcare cost onto their employees. If any employee participates in a wellness program, some employers are now lowering down the contributions of employees with rebates.

Complex, long-term play

Corporate wellness is a long term play and depends on unique strategy. It has a structure that is based on long and short term goals for both the employer and employees. It requires leadership, support and strong commitment. A successful corporate program takes time and keeps on changing so that it can be incorporated with corporate culture. It is a mixture of many solutions that collectively work under one strategy. It includes many layers of physical activity, incentives, communication, education, and a long-term commitment.

We can think about the needs of wellness programs, but the main challenge is always the execution. Every person’s behavior is different and it takes time to modify their behaviour. If the goal is to have a healthy workforce then both the employees and employers should actively participate in corporate wellness programs.

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